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Online Application

Please complete our quick and easy online application and we will call you to verify and schedule your delivery.

NO credit check! Easy, Rent to Own!

No Credit Check

No Credit Hassle (If your building is picked up for any reason, no blemishes are left on your credit rating.)

Simple Contract to fill out.

Can be completed at your dealer

Convenient Monthly Payment Plan

Actual cost of usingour rent-to-own program can be mathematically proved to be less than renting some mini-storage units.



Requirements? Just fill out a general information form, copy of active driver's license or state ID, and a couple of references. BOOM! QUALIFIED! Takes NO time! Sign a Rent to Purchase Agreement, pay a minimal deposit and first month rent and if building is in-stock, it can be delivered, blocked, and leveled within 24-48 hours! 60% of Every Payment goes towards your Principal! NO penalty for early pay-off! If you default, it does not scar your credit! Contact us today!

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